Our Therapies

The Healing Boutique© is a manifestation of a quest to attain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health needed to live a happy and successful life.

Over the last decade we have successfully assisted hundreds of people to recover from physical, emotional psychological ailments and addiction. Whether it’s someone who wants to quit smoking, recover from cancer, needs help with fertility issues, regain control of their lives after losing a loved one, being raped,  coming out as a homosexual and bisexual, wanting to change who they are, in order to grow up or become a better person; or just build bridges with family, we have done it and much more.

We specialize in helping people release pains and emotions that no medical professional can diagnose. In most cases this pain is unidentifiable to medical professionals as there are no anomalies in X-rays, MRI’s and Sonography scans: because the genesis of the pain is intertwined with some emotional and psychological trauma.

Our hearts and our doors are always open to  our four legged and feathered friends. We help recover from trauma, ailments, broken hearts when abandoned and at times we even to help them transition at the end of their lives just as we do with humans.

We do our best not to turn anyone away. At times we have been called to help with some rather unusual circumstances. We have calmed down nervous brides hours hours before their wedding, cleaned priceless pieces of jewelry for those who considered the pieces “cursed”, helped others get over stage fright. We have helped people get out of and move on from unhealthy relationships with friends and lovers, deal with grief decades after a loved one has departed, and, this list can go on and on.

We encourage everyone who visits our site to view all our testimonials in order to get an idea of how we can help. If you need help and are not sure if we can help you send us an email at: ash@healingboutique.net / healingboutique@gmail.com.